Hair Envy’s HQ’s Services – Curated For Your Convenience

Hair Envy’s HQ’s Services – Curated For Your Convenience

Hey Darling,

We at Hair Envy HQ like to say that we’re your go-to destination for luxurious hair extensions that will make you the envy of all! And that’s on period, because your hair dreams literally come to life here. 

Besides providing our customers and clients with 100% raw human hair extensions that they love, we also offer so many professional services that can help you take your hair game from zero to a hundred. Hair Envy’s wide range of services are designed to provide you with support, class and comfort to sustain a healthy and sophisticated lifestyle.  Let’s look at what we offer 

1. Wig construction:  

Our wig construction services involve creating personalized wigs based on your preferences in terms of style, colour, closure, accessories. We can create products exactly the way you want it, girl.

2. Hair Genie Makeovers: 

Our hair genie service is much more than a wig revamp. With a little ‘shazam’ here and there, we return to you hair units bubbling with life.

3. Color beast: 

Dull hair is not an option for our envy girls so we specialize in color correction for your hair units, making them more vibrant and showstopping.

4. Consultations: 

At Hair Envy HQ, we eliminate the stress of guessing with our 1-on-1 consultation sessions where our in-house hair consultant, Xaxa, merges a wealth of knowledge in the hair industry and years of experience as a strategy consultant to give you the most suitable hair choices for your taste and lifestyle. Our consultations are a must-have, trust us.

5. Hair butter treatment:  

The hair butter treatment is created to nourish your wigs and bundles with oils and nutrients, keeping the strands or curls refreshed at all times. Bad hair doesn’t exist here!

6. Lace ventilation: 

Ever wondered why it seems like your closure seems to be balding? Well no worries, Hair envy is here for you. We help in filling those spots for a fuller look. 

7. Hair Quality Testing & Verification Services 

We offer testing and verification services, ensuring you never compromise on quality. For this, we use our rigorous 7* criteria for hair excellence, which sets the gold standard in the industry.

We can guarantee that these services are awesome and created to specifically suit your needs . Want an experience? Then head over to our website ( to begin this transformative process.

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