The Right Way To Store Your Wigs

The Right Way To Store Your Wigs

Gone are the days when wigs resided solely in the dusty corners of Hollywood dressing rooms. Today, wigs are a secret weapon to both the fashionista and regular woman alike, adding instant glam and elevating looks at all times. If you are reading this article, then it is almost certain that you own a wig. Or two! Or more!

Did you know, however, that improper storage can wreak havoc on your precious wig fibers? Harsh sunlight can cause color fading, while extreme temperatures can lead to dryness and breakage. Think of it like your hair – it needs a cool, dry haven to thrive! Here are a few tested and trusted ways to properly store your wigs.

The Wig Stand: 

The wig stand can be considered the king (or queen) of wig storage. Investing in one or a few can help maintain the wig’s shape, preventing unwanted flatness or matting. 

The Box: 

You can repurpose the original wig box or a sturdy cardboard box lined with soft tissue paper to a wig storage compartment. Bonus points for labeling it with the wig’s name – you, my friend, are a storage organization rockstar!

The Breathable Wig Bag: 

For a more portable option, opt for a breathable mesh or satin wig bag. Think of it as a luxurious sleeping bag for your wig, allowing it to breathe and avoid that dreaded “stuffy” feeling.

Pro Tip: Avoid plastic bags! They trap moisture, creating a breeding ground for frizz, moisture, and (gasp) mildew. Nobody wants that, honey.

By following these simple storage hacks, you’ll ensure your wig collection remains a source of endless hair-spiration, not hair-despair. Now go forth and conquer the world, one perfectly stored wig at a time!

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