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Got a question? Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions by the Hair Envy Community

What is Hair Envy HQ?

Founded in 2018, Hair Envy is a research, development(R&D)and tech company that retails our own hair solutions to elevate the black hair experience. We do this by focusing on our 3 Quality Pillars: Quality of service, products & execution to give you greater peace of mind. Learn more about us and our story here!

What sets Hair Envy HQ apart from other hair retailers?

Our total dedication to giving you the best quality for your black hair journey stems from a place of real life experience and professional expertise. This sets us apart as a leading visionary in this field. We are more than just a hair brand; we are a symbol of excellence and transparency.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes! We ship all across the world! Learn more about our shipping policies here

Can I visit your physical store for purchases or services?

Soon! Currently we are only available online and through our select partners/vendors! Learn more about when & where you can physically pick up or purchase our goods.

Are your wigs and extensions made from 100% raw human hair?

Yes! We only provide 100% human hair! You can choose between our RAW  add Single Donor Hair on our website! Learn more about our hair products here

Can I customize the color and style of the wigs and extensions?

ABSOLUTELY, YES! All of our Hair products are lovingly sourced and 100% human hair! This means you can customise any of our wigs, bundles and closing pieces to any colour you like! We offer all of the necessary services to care for, maintaining and customise your hair at Hair Envy HQ! Click here now to see our wonderful bouquet of professional services!  If you are more of a DIY person you must make sure to use high quality products and make sure to ask a trained technician for help if you do not have experience. Low quality bleaching and colouring products will damage our hair and we definitely don’t want that! Learn more about how to care for your Hair Envy products here

Are your hair products suitable for all hair types?

YES! We offer a carefully selected bouquet of the finest human hair for all hair types! Just log on to our products page here and select the one that best suits your needs!

Can I purchase hair dye from Hair Envy HQ?

It is possible, yes, you can specially request a recommendation from us during your consultation and we can source this for you for a fee.

What hair services do you offer?

We offer a wide range of hair customisation, maintenance, restoration services and so so much more! Click here to learn about our amazing services and offerings NOW!

How can I book a hair service appointment?

Easy as pie BABY! Just click to select your service & get started now!

Do you provide virtual consultations for hair services?

We sure do! It’s our clients’ favorite part of the Hair Envy HQ experience! Book today & learn more about our virtual consultations here!

Is the pricing for hair services available on your website?

It most certainly is babygirl! Check out all our services and relevant details here

Can I get assistance in choosing the right hair service for my needs?

YES! That’s our specialty! Just book a consultation with us, fill out the relevant information & our Head Couturier will work with you to achieve your goals & desires! Learn more & book your consultation here

Can I get assistance with wig construction?

You most certainly CAN sugar! Just log on to our services page to learn more about our wig construction services  or book a consultation here!

Do you offer sewing and customization services for wigs?

It’s one of the offerings that propelled us to stardom Darlin’! We are experts in making sure your wigs fit comfortably and naturally! Learn more about our sewing & customisation services for our wigs here!

What types of wig styles can you create?

Whatever your heart desires! We specialise in custom-made wigs built to your exact specifications! You can shop from our featured collections,  book a consultation and submit a photo/video reference of what you’d like or simply shop from any of our hair products & pieces!

Can I get my wig cut and styled with Hair Envy HQ?

Yes! It is one of our core offerings! Check out our wig styling & cutting services. here! 

Do you offer bundle deals for your hair products?

Yes, bundle deals are available if you are purchasing 3 or more of our products at once but ONLY on featured collections and services! Our hair products themselves will never go on sale. 

Are there any special discounts for purchasing bundles?

At Hair Envy HQ, we NEVER compromise on quality and for that reason we do not have discount sales on our hair. We do, however, offer special discounts on services seasonally and multi-purchases on our featured collections!

What is your return policy for customized products?

Please check out our returns policy here!

Is there a fee for virtual consultations?

Yes Honey! We offer a robust bouquet of options for your virtual consultations! Please click here to learn more about our pricing & consultations schedule!

How do I schedule a virtual consultation?

Its as easy as 1,2,3 hunny-bun! Just click here and follow the instructions to schedule a virtual consultation with us today!

What are your recommendations for maintaining human hair products?

We love this question so much, we dedicated an entire section to it here! And if you’d like to dig deeper you absolutely MUST read our blog articles about them here!

Are your products always in stock?

No. Hair Envy HQ specializes in custom-built products, we do this to focus on the quality of processes it takes to create your pieces. Our processes take time and are highly specific! But not to worry, simply select our ‘pre-order now’ option on any of our products and she will be yours!

Can I pre-order a product that's currently out of stock?

Yes puddin’! We love pre-orders! Just request for one by selecting the ‘pre-order now’ option on the product page! Follow the prompts and PRESTO, she is your!

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